Scott County Myth or Is it Still Hidden in the Countryside?

Scott County Myth or Is it Still Hidden in the Countryside?

Saskatohawan’s Cave

An old Indian named Saskatohawan told of a cave near Lexington, Indiana that contained enough gold to “buy the State of Indiana”.  As far as what can be recalled this is what Saskatohawan said, in his own words.  Note, some changes were made for clarification.

“I am an Indian and an old man; I have seen many moons, having trailed the war path for some eighty years.  I was born in Kentucky in 1802 and belonged to the Pottawatomie Tribe.  My father moved our family to the Territory of Indiana in 1806 and built his wigwam near now of the town of Lexington and was killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.  I remained near Lexington until Pigeon Roost massacre, in which myself and Uncle took part.  My Uncle was mortally wounded and before he died he told me of a great cave one and one half miles northwest of Lexington in which gold abounded in abundance and that he was the only person that was possessor of the secret.”

“After the death of my Uncle, I sought and found the cave and as my Uncle represented, it was rich with shining ore as the metal glittering on all sides.  I gathered up all the metal I could carry and took it to Vincennes, receiving a large amount of money and whisky.  I intended to return and get more but white man invaded Indian’s home and drove him away.”

“I remember some of the white men who came to Territory to trade with Indian, cheat him, and drive him away.  One was a tailor and tried to cut Indian’s moccasins and spoilt’em.  Another was a lightning rod agent, wanted to rod Indian’s hut and sell a safe.  There was a big white man who big represented called “Gabe” he rode a mule and wanted to drink all of Indian’s whiskey.  There was another white man who couldn’t talk but made signs and wanted to cheat Indian out of hogs and cattle and get him to vote for him so he could spoil all the roads.  The worst man Indian had to trade with was Ross.  He would trade Indian bad horse for good pony.  Indian afraid of Ross.  The cave is near a creek, the mouth of which is small and goes down straight down for about ten feet when it strikes off in a southeast direction becoming very large and in there is enough gold to buy the State of Indiana.  I am now old, and I will soon pass over to the happy hunting grounds, to join Great Father, and before I enter silvery stream I give and bequeath to the white man of Scott County my secret, which Indian has carried locked in his breast for 65 years.”

- Saskatohawan

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